A Primordial Brain Fart

Sharing is caring, or so they say. Whether or not you care, I’ve got ya reading – so let’s dive right in!

As the bright sparks may have figured, most folk call me Ross. I’m a twenty year-old living on the west coast of Scotland, with the notion to create a space for… stuff. What stuff might that be? We will find out! Provided my website doesn’t explode.

Typical Scottish sunshine.

Like many people, my existence so far has been much-of-a-muchness: I did the whole school thing; went to some other places; ended up doing that uni thing.

These things just seem to happen, you know?

All that aside, life looks like it might now promise some action… As part of the aforementioned ‘uneh thang’, yours truly is heading to Singapore later this year! When all the work is done, I’ll be spending four weeks travelling South-East Asia too.

Not bad, huh? Seeing as things could suddenly get spicy, what better time to start writing!

I have to admit. Staring at a blank screen, conjuring the first few words for your as-yet imaginary audience? Definitely a strange one.

Nonetheless, if I can keep myself entertained then I’ve got something from it – right? Assuming that by some magic you are not the author of this post, then say hello! I promise I don’t bite, at least not over the internet.

On the off-chance that I’m catering to an audience marginally larger than myself, I suppose I’ll give you the lowdown. Like I said, the name’s Ross; I’m in my third year at university studying a healthcare degree. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year now, I came out shortly after we met (story to follow). As the proud owner of four mischievous degus, he got me as a package deal:

I’m sure these guys will come up in future material but sufficed to say, I’ve had them for over a year now and they can be great fun as much as a nightmare. When I’m not at home with these little dudes then you can usually find me in my car – thanks to a long commute my Mini Cooper sees a lot of miles!

Before passing my driving test, I rode a 110cc scooter to and from work for a year. I don’t miss the rain but it was totally worth it. I recently moved house and left my part-time job, after spending almost three years working as a Supervisor at my local SUBWAY store; this taught me not only how to make a mean sammich, but a lot about working with the general public too.

It could be argued that I’m pretty geeky, I’m interested in anything relating to computers or technology.

So, this wonderful online space! Dreaming up ‘UtterlyRoss’ took longer than you might imagine. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but didn’t have an outlet for spilling my brains. As it stands I’ve given myself the freedom to talk about anything and everything; in future things may end up a little more niche. Most of all, I want to create somewhere that I can interact with all of you!

So, please! Make yourself comfy and let’s see where this thing takes us…

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Very first post! Baby steps and all that. I hope you enjoy, let me know your thoughts. 🙂

Hi, just found your blog totally by accident out of the blue.

Wow, I think it’s off to a cracking start – can’t wait to read more. Especially about your ‘handsome, amazing beefcake boyfriend’ (you wrote that right?).

I’m really proud of you.

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