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Hello! The name’s Ross, pleased to meet you…

I’m twenty years old and live on the west coast Scotland.

At the moment I’m at university, studying towards a degree in healthcare. I really enjoy writing, there’s something so satisfying about getting your thoughts down on a page!

I came out as gay last year, and have been in a relationship with my lovely boyfriend for around that time; things have changed a lot for me since meeting him.

I created UtterlyRoss as a place for me to share my non-sense with the world. Like it says on the tin, this a space that I can be myself; I want to grow as a writer, and build a community of wonderful like-minded folks (that’s you!).

Later this year I head off on an adventure to Singapore, then South-East Asia beyond…

I hope that you can join me for the ride, let’s see where this thing takes us!

Sharing the love,

Ross 😉